If you’re here, I’m guessing you love quilts too!! Quilts can be made to keep you warm or to tell a story. They can be simple or elaborate, practical or decorative. I’ve got quilts that are all of these. Some I’ve made, some I’ve bought, and some I’ve been lucky enough to have been gifted.

Quilting is my therapy! I especially love making scrappy quilts that use up my stash (a good excuse to go fabric shopping, right?!).

“When life gives you scraps, make a quilt!”

– Unknown

Although I’ve been quilting for some time now, there is a lot I’ve yet to learn!! I’ve nowhere near mastered the textile art of quilting! But I love fabric, I love playing with color palettes, I love seeing how my blocks turn out, and I love seeing it all come together into the finished product. The whole process of making a quilt makes me happy! For me, the only bigger rush than finishing a quilt is gifting it to someone else!!

Whether you’re looking for your next project or delving into your first, my hope is that you’ll find inspiration here to help you along your quilting journey!! Explore my tips & tutorials, my quilts, and the patterns to do just that.

“One thing I know for sure; there are no rules in quilting. And if you think there are, then it’s time you try breaking a few.”

– Dana Bolyard