How to Make a Square in a Square Quilt Block for Beginners

Have you ever wondered how to make a Square in a Square quilt block?  This block might look complicated, but it’s not!  Just follow these easy directions and you’ll be knocking out this quilt block in no time flat!!

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Uses for a Square in a Square Quilt Block

This block is sometimes referred to as a “Diamond in a Square” block.  The block is so cute all by itself, or when used in various other quilt blocks.

I’ve incorporated it into a sawtooth star block used in my Scrappy Stars quilt pattern.

Uses for the quilt block also include blocks like Storm at Sea or Mrs. Brown’s Choice.

This quilt block also pairs nicely when combined with four patch or nine patch blocks in a quilt design.

quilt block using square in a square and four patch blocks
Square in Square and Four Patch Blocks

If you’re looking for easy projects that use Square in a Square quilt blocks check out the free patterns found on FaveQuilts or AllFreeSewing!

Honestly, I just love making this block and I think you will too!

Size Chart for the Square in a Square Quilt Block

Many of the directions for making this quilt block require sewing triangles to a square to come up with the finished product.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had good luck sewing with triangles. 

It seems whenever I’ve tried to sew a triangle piece together it ends up getting all wonky on me.

That’s what I love about this technique!  There are NO triangles involved in the sewing process!!!

The technique for this quilt block uses one large square for the center and four smaller squares that make up the triangle corners.  When sewn together it looks like the center square is on point.  And it’s so easy to make!

cut fabric squares for square in a square block

Depending on the size you want your unfinished Square in a Square quilt block to end up being will determine the size of pieces you’ll need to cut out and sew together.  Follow the simple chart below to cut the pieces for your Square in a Square quilt block!!

diagram of square sizes for square in a square blocks

Sewing the Quilt Block

Draw a diagonal line on each of the four small squares.

drawing diagonal line on fabric square with pencil and ruler

In opposite corners, and so the diagonal line runs perpendicular to the corner, pin two squares onto the larger square.  Sew them to the larger square along the drawn line.

Trim the outside corners ¼” from the seam.  Press open toward whichever is the darker fabric, either inward toward the center or outward toward the small triangle corners.

Pin the other two small squares on the other two opposite corners of the center square.  Sew along the diagonal line, trim, and press seam to the darker fabric.

Voila!  That’s all there is to it!!!  You now have a quilt block that you can replicate and incorporate into a future project. 

Have fun making this simple and cute little block!!!


finished square in a square block

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