Easy Christmas Quilt Projects for Beginners

I just wanted to take a few minutes and share some of the LAKEGIRLQUILT patterns that are easy Christmas quilt projects for beginners!

Although quilting anytime of the year is wonderful, there’s something extra special about quilting around the holidays. 

Whether it’s making a quilt for yourself or to gift to someone, sewing quilty décor for your home or others’, or just escaping into your sewing room to get away from the hustle and bustle of the season… these projects are sure to feed your quilty soul!

Memories of snuggling under quilts as a little girl waiting for Santa to come are oh so vivid!  What better way to evoke these memories than to make some new quilts to celebrate the holiday season! 

And I can’t think of a better way to spend some days before the holidays than getting together with friends and quilting up a few of these fun projects!  I’m sure once you check them out you won’t be able to wait to get started!!

LAKEGIRLQUILTS Easy Christmas Quilt Projects for Beginners

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Scrappy Stars Quilt

The Scrappy Stars quilt pattern might look complicated but it’s really not! 

This 72” x 72” quilt is the perfect size to display or cuddle under!! 

Each unique sawtooth star block is easy to make, and when you put them all together they’re stunning! 

You’ll learn tricks for making easy no waste four-at-a-time flying geese blocks, easy four patch blocks, square in a square blocks, half square and quarter square triangle blocks, and others!  Each star block has its own post so they’re easy to follow along! 

And easy nine patch and four patch blocks make up the adapted Burgoyne Surrounded design found across the quilt. 

This pattern actually comes together in just a few weeks. 

The Scrappy Stars quilt reminds me of an old-fashioned Christmas, complete with white snow against the red barns that dot the Wisconsin landscape.  And of course Santa and candy canes! 

The stunning red and white of this quilt make it a sure fire item to add to your Christmas décor! 

FaveQuilts is featuring the Scrappy Stars quilt in their December newsletter.  FaveQuilts has an amazing assortment of quilts they share.  You’ll really need to check them out!  Follow this link to subscribe to their newsletter, you’ll be so happy you did!

Balsam Gnomes Table Runner Quilt

I’m just crushing on the Balsam Gnomes Table Runner Quilt!

This is the first pattern in the gnomes series!  Yes, there are three now (with more in my head) so I’m calling it a series, lol! 

This adorable tree and gnome quilt is 12” x 35” so it’s the perfect size to adorn your holiday table or wall.  Who doesn’t love cute little gnomes?!? 

The Balsam Gnomes Table Runner can be made in a day, easily!  Don’t be intimidated by the triangles in these quilt blocks!!  With simple templates to cut them out these triangles sew together easy peasy! 

Shhh…I’m planning on gifting a few of these table runners for Christmas this year, they’re so fun and easy to make!!!

Balsam Gnomes Quilt

balsam gnomes quilt

The Balsam Gnomes quilt is cuteness overload!!! 

The second quilt in the gnomes series, this 56” x 72” quilt will keep you cozy all winter long!  And it’s the perfect quilt to cuddle under and watch Christmas movies with, lol! 

The arrangement of gnomes in this adorable throw quilt leaves your eyes wandering over it looking to see which one is cuter!  Just like the Balsam Gnomes table runner, this quilt may look intimidating with its triangle shaped blocks but it’s super easy to make. 

Even a beginning quilter can tackle this fun project!

Balsam Gnomes Tree Skirt

This Balsam Gnomes Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern is a great way to add a homemade touch to your holiday décor!  This gorgeous tree skirt is a simple Simon weekend project!  If you’re looking to make a new Christmas tree skirt, this free tree skirt pattern is for you!!

The adorable gnomes in this easy project add an exciting spin on a traditional Christmas tree skirt!  It’s the perfect finishing touch to ensure a festive season of holiday fun!!  This pretty patchwork tree skirt is the perfect way to add that magical touch to your home.

Also, rather than being a circle or hexagon tree skirt like many other tree skirt patterns the Balsam Gnomes holiday tree skirt project is square!  Just one more way this stunning tree skirt stands out from all the others!!  Yet, at 45” x 45” this quilted tree skirt is still the standard size to adorn your tree! 

Evergreen Wreath Quilt

The Evergreen Wreath quilt measures 23” x 23”, making it the perfect wall quilt or table centerpiece quilt! 

The simplicity of the single green wreath surrounded by white prints is just stunning!  When I see this quilt I think of a farmhouse Christmas in all it’s beautiful simplicity. 

And this pretty quilt won’t brown around the edges like a real wreath might, so you can display it early and leave it out well past the holidays! 

In the Northwoods we are always thankful for the colorful evergreens that line our lake’s edge.  It warms the soul to see the green and reminds us that the promise of greener spring days are just around the corner.  As we shovel snow, lol!!! 

This simple Evergreen Wreath quilt will come together quick for you making it a fast holiday project to make!

Birch Gnomes Table Runner Quilt

The Birch Gnomes Table Runner Quilt is the third quilt in my gnomes series! 

Our lake is surrounded by birch trees, and their stunning white against the gray trees around them make them one of our tree favorites!!! 

This gray and white Birch Gnomes Table Runner Quilt will be one of your favorites too! 

There’s something magical about gnomes, and thinking of them amongst the birch trees will bring a smile to your face!! 

This fast and fun project is another one you’ll want to make more than one of.  Of course one for yourself, but when others see it they’ll want one too, lol!!

This quilt can easily be made in a day, so there’s plenty of time to stock up before the holidays!!!

And technically, this quilt isn’t in the traditional red and green colors so you can certainly leave it out all winter or even all year long!

Birch Gnomes Quilt

This adorable Birch Gnomes quilt pattern is an easy pattern for even a beginning quilter.  Measuring 56” x 72” this quilt is the perfect size to snuggle under!  This fun quilt is so charming draped on the back of your couch, the end of your bed, or hanging on a ladder or wall in your home!!  You’ll be smitten with it!

No matter your skill level, the simple blocks in this beginner quilt pattern can easily be accomplished even if this is your first quilt!  The step by step instructions in pattern are written with the beginner quilter in mind.  But even veteran quilters may find some new inspiration in this fun design!

While the Birch Gnomes quilt pattern can be included in your collection of Christmas quilts, the gray and creams allow this quilt to be displayed all winter or even all year long!

Single Snowflake

Single Snowflake Quilt

For another quilt that’s perfect for the holidays, but can be for all winter long, is the Single Snowflake quilt

This fun, little mini quilt in all its scrappy fineness is so fun to make!!! 

The blues of this snowflake pop against the creamy white background, but as one patron suggested it would be cute with the colors reversed too!!

This quilt is a small one, so it whips up fast.  At just 13” x 13” it’s the perfect size to decorate a table or shelf.  Or add a sleeve to the back and let this snowflake fly up on your wall, lol!!

The simple squares and half square triangles used in this pattern make it an extremely easy beginner quilt pattern.  You could make a little blizzard of these Single Snowflake quilts and they’d be so cute together as a gallery or to keep on hand for those last minute gifts!

There’s more!

My friend Vicky over at Pattern Princess has lots of beautiful and stunning crochet projects for the holidays too! 

From crocheted afghans to shawls to scarves to even earrings, her patterns work up fast!  So there’s time to make some of her crochet projects before the holidays also! 

She gives amazing directions and video tutorials for all of them! 

If you’d like a change of pace from quilting, check out her Pattern Princess crochet patterns

They’re beginner friendly and oh so gorgeous!!  I’m sure you’ll fall in love with one or ten, lol!!!

As I create more LAKEGIRLQUILTS Christmas quilt projects I’ll be sure to add them to this post. So check back!!

And check out my easy, yummy RECIPES so you can spend more time in your sewing room, lol!!! 

Have a blessed and merry holiday season, and much health and happiness in the new year ahead!


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