Nine Patch Quilt Block ~ Week #13 Spring Block of the Week

For the final block in the Spring Block of the Week series we’re going to make a simple Nine Patch Quilt Block!  After last week’s Card Trick Quilt Block, the Nine Patch will be a breeze!!!

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Week 13 – Nine Patch Quilt Block

We sewed a simple Nine Patch Quilt Block in Week #1 with the Plus Sign!  This week’s block is even easier as there’s no wrong order for any of the squares!!!  There’s not a whole lot of planning or any complicated thinking that needs to take place!!

Cut the fabric for the block…

Cut nine different 4 ½” squares of a combination of light- medium- and dark-colored fabrics that you used to make the other blocks in this Block of the Week series.  Or use colors of your choice!!

If you’re new to quilting or cutting squares for quilts, you can take a peek at my post on using a rotary cutter or the post on basic quilt supplies!

Plan the block layout…

Lay out the squares to create the Nine Patch pattern.  I’m lucky enough to have enough room on my sewing desk to lay out small amounts of fabric like this. 

You can also set up a small table or tray next to your sewing area to lay out the squares.  It’s handy to have them within reach as you sew them together!!

Sew together the squares of each row…

Begin sewing the squares together row by row.

Starting with row one, place the first two squares right sides together.  Place a pin in the middle and on the end.

Using a ¼” seam allowance, stitch the two squares together.  Don’t sew over the pins, remove them as you come up to them.

Rather than cutting the thread when you get to the end, you can continue to sew the first two squares in row two together.  This is called chain piecing, and it saves a little time and thread.  Place the first two squares of row to right sides together, pin, and stitch.  Don’t snip the thread, and repeat to add the first two squares of row three on the “chain”. 

When you have the first two blocks of all three rows sewn together, then snip them apart from each other. 

Line them up in their correct row placement again.  Place the last block right sides together to each of the middle squares and pin.  Stitch the last block onto row one.  Again, rather than snip when you get to the end, you can chain stitch the last square of each row onto the middle square of that row. 

Snip them apart when you have all the rows sewn.

Pressing the seams…

You’ll want to press the seams, rather than iron them back and forth.  Ironing the seams back and forth will stretch the fabric all wonky!

Press the seams of row one to the right.  Press the seams of row two to the left.  And press the seams of row three to the right again.  This way the seams will “nest” together nicely when you sew the rows to each other!

Sewing the rows together…

With rows one and two right sides together, “nest” the seams together and place a pin in these lined up seams.  I also like to place a pin at the end of the rows, and a couple in the middle.

Sew the rows to each other, removing the pins as you come up to them.  Be careful not to let the seam from the bottom row fold over the wrong way as you come up to it!

Press the seams of each row all in the same direction, either toward the top or toward the bottom.  This way your block will lay nice and flat.

Nicely pressed seams look so pretty!!!  And they help to create smooth quilting patterns later!

Finishing the block…

Using the measurements for the individuals squares that make up this block, the final quilt block should end up measure 12 ½” x 12 ½”.  Once you’ve pressed it, lay it out on your cutting mat and square the block to make sure it’s 12 ½” square.

I have a 12 ½” square Omnigrip plastic “ruler” that works great for squaring up large quilt blocks!

Storing your Quilt Blocks

I’ve purchased some cute scrapbooking paper boxes to store my quilt project in!  You can find these at most any craft supply store.  These work great for this project, as the boxes are 12 ½ x 12 ½!! 

And there’s a cute little spot for a label (just use an index card to make your label)!  This way your blocks aren’t being handled and moved around.  They’re all safe and dandy, ready to put together when you are!

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Watch for an upcoming post on how to sew all of these beautiful blocks together into a lovely quilt!  I can’t wait to share the final product with you!!

Have fun sewing the Nine Patch Quilt Block, and have a great week!!!


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  1. Katherine ann Woodin

    when might we see the complete Spring block quilt. I am really interested and planning on making a quilt using all the blocks. I have already made a quilt using some of the blocks.

    1. I’m excited to release the complete quilt putting all the blocks from the Spring Block of the Week together! I’ve got the flimsy done, now just to get it quilted and written up!! I’m close, without holding me to a date I hope to have the pattern out in the next week or two!! Summer gets so busy, I’d hoped to have it all done by now. Thanks for being patient, I’d love to see your blocks and quilt!! If you share them on Instagram please tag me @lakegirlquilts

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